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Vietnam Veteran Files Lawsuit Alleging Police Brutality

Rocky Mount Telegram
By William F. West
March 27, 2020

A Rocky Mount man who is a Vietnam War veteran has filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court
claiming a police officer assaulted and wrongly arrested him approximately a year-and-a-half
ago outside his home in the Holly Street area of the city.

Harold Cox, in papers fled on Tuesday, claims officer Michael Lamm body-slammed him to the
ground on Sept. 7, 2018, and shattered his hip after he requested assistance from Emergency
911 to diffuse an altercation between two young women in his front yard.

The suit names as defendants Lamm, the city of Rocky Mount, ex-Chief James Moore, ex-interim
Chief Willie Williams and current Chief George Robinson.

The suit calls for a jury trial in U.S. District Court and for an awarding of an unspecified amount
of money.

One of Cox’s attorneys, Robby Jessup, of Raleigh, told the Telegram in a prepared statement on
Thursday that Cox is a Vietnam veteran, a retiree, a pillar in his community and a lifelong law-abiding

“Mr. Cox did not deserve the serious and life-changing injuries that were inflicted upon him,”
Jessup said.

“This lawsuit was fled not only to seek justice for Mr. Cox but also with a hope to improve how
law enforcement departments train offcers, treat people of color and respond to citizens who
have called for help,” Jessup said. “Our lawsuit speaks for itself and we look forward to helping
our client see this matter through.”


Sarah JohnsonVietnam Veteran Files Lawsuit Alleging Police Brutality